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How Much Should You Tip For Junk Removal

Junk removal involves removing any unwanted and old items from your home or business. The junk on your property can collect due to many reasons. This can include relocation, de-cluttering, renovation, or redecoration plans. It is recommended to choose professional services with years of experience and the right licensing to operate in your state. When it comes to junk removal, most people want to know whether should I tip for junk removal or how much to tip junk haulers. So, what is the right answer?

You should know when to tip and how much to tip junk removal services. In this guide, you will get helpful insights on whether or not you should tip and how much it should be. The points mentioned here should also help make your experience better and more efficient.

Should You Tip Junk Haulers?

So, when it comes to the question of “do you tip junk haulers”, the answer is both YES and NO. Whenever the junk haulers do a job that satisfies you and seems exceptional, you can tip them 10% to 20%.

Whenever you book a pickup service with a junk removal company, there is a good chance you are worried about things going wrong. It could be a pickup for an old refrigerator that is no longer working or efficient or an old mattress. However, contrary to your expectations, you get a hassle-free service.

You should realize that running a junk removal business involves a lot of risks. The risks are much greater than what a restaurant server or a hairdresser has to live with. And you do tip those kinds of service providers. You can easily get over a delayed appetizer or a too-short haircut, but a damaged antique piece or wall can be costly for you.

So, when it comes to the question - do you tip got junk movers, the answer is ‘yes’ when they do a flawless job. They will be covering a greater risk than what a server does and they need to be commended for doing their job well.

Removal companies will not automatically include gratuity in their rates. You should keep this point in mind when giving a tip to a junk hauler. As a basic guideline, it is recommended to tip 15% to 20% on large moves and 5% to 10% on smaller moves. If you are not sure how much to tip junk removal, consider the amount you usually tip to other kinds of service providers such as waiters and flight attendants. That could be a helpful benchmark for you.

How Much Should You Tip Junk Haulers?

Other service jobs including waitstaff are mostly tipped on a percentage of the overall cost of the service. This is not the case with junk removal services. It will be best to pay an individual tip depending on the complexity of the pickup job.

So, how should you determine how difficult the pickup was for the hauler? You should consider the following points to find the answer to the question “how much to tip junk haulers”:

·       Are there stairs to climb?

·       Is the air conditioning or heat broken?

·       Are the items easy to access or not?

·       Are there any parking issues?

·       Is there an elevator for convenience?

·       What is the climate?

·       Is there any time limitation?

·       The number of items being picked up

·       Are the items clean or dirty or soiled?

·       Are the items heavy or big?

·       Are special tools or equipment required?

·       Is a ferry required to access the pickup?

·       Is it required to take the items apart?

Again, there is no consistency as to how much these factors can affect the tip. It is a relative decision that depends on you. It is up to you to determine how hard you think they had to work.

Besides, you would also want to assess how they behave when on your property.

·       Check out the team’s work ethic.

·       How do they communicate with each other?

·       Are they doing their best on the pickup job?

You can consider tipping them slightly more if you think they have also behaved well.

If you feel that that they have gone above and beyond to provide exceptional service, you should certainly tip them. There are junk haulers that make every effort to make their clients’ experience better. If you receive such a service, you can consider tipping them even more than normal.

So, do you tip junk haulers? Yes, you do tip them when you see them doing the following:

·       When they care about your walls and floors.

·       When they break a sweat running between your house and the truck to haul the next item.

·       When they make an effort to make the pickup a seamless experience and prevent any potential issues.

Consider a situation where they weren't doing the job with as much dedication and care for you. You would have been doing all the heavy lifting yourself. Else, you would have had to hire someone else that doesn't deliver as much quality.

You would be doing the right thing by giving them a tip. It can be a big “thank you” for all the extra effort and care.

Time and speed are also key factors to consider when considering how much to tip junk haulers. Do you see them working efficiently and speedily and still the job requires more than a couple of hours to complete? It will be a good thing to provide them with food and/or drinks.

Keep in mind that junk removers are always on the move. They don't have any facility to store their food in their truck cab for hours. You don't want hungry workers handling your pickup job. Hunger makes grumpy workers.

A little nourishment can:

·       Replenish their energy levels.

·       Raise the spirits.

·       Improve the performance.

If you are still wondering should you tip junk haulers, here is another point for you to consider. Every time a junk remover spends more time than planned while removing your items, they are getting late for the next scheduled pickups for the day. This simply affects their income. You should consider tipping a junk removal service when they need to spend more time on your job than what was planned.

Shouldn’t You Reward High-Quality Junk Removing Services?

As already mentioned, junk hauling is a tough job. The haulers have to deal with:

·       Difficult weather conditions.

·       Complex pickup situations such as large or heavy items

·       Flights to stairs

·       Trips between the truck and your house.

And more. They have to work extremely hard to meet or exceed your expectations.

Consider a situation where the junk hauling crew shows up on time. They remove all the junk swiftly and taking complete care of your property. They professionally remove your old sectional sofa from the second-floor apartment without causing even a scratch. Once the pickup job is complete, you feel relieved of all the worries and enjoy the beautiful view of your clean and clutter-free living space. It is natural for many people to think at this moment – “should I tip junk haulers?” Everything just went well, as it was meant to be. Many people think this way because there’s so much confusion about the act of tipping junk haulers. There is also an element of hesitation.

Junk removal is a service that is not required regularly. So, most people are unable to compare it to being served in a restaurant. This makes it is so easy for people to overlook the need to tip. You should keep in mind that junk removers are also from the service industry. They usually depend on tips for most of their income. As a simple rule, whenever you see quality services, it is a good thing to thank them by giving a tip.

Do You Allow Your Haulers to Accept Tips?

If you ask us, “should I tip junk haulers”, we have the following to say to you. It is neither expected nor essential to tip our haulers. However, tipping is seen as a great gesture of thanking our crew for the quality work they put in.

You are free to tip our haulers and they are free to accept. You can show your gratitude in any way:

·       A simple “thank you” to our team.

·       A great review with a 5-star rating.

·       A monetary tip.

You can also do something good for your junk haulers by preparing the site before they arrive. This includes making your house more accessible and safer. Also, make sure they have adequate parking space for their truck.

We have a large network of professionally licensed and fully insured junk hauling experts that provide services in all the cities and suburbs of Georgia & Florida. Our haulers are local contractors. This allows us to contribute to the economy of the communities we serve.

Our network comprises independent contractors. This means they set their own work schedule. It is up to them to take up as much workload as they want to. Our field allows our network of loaders to earn to their potential. However, many of them use it as a way to make some cash on the side. So, it is a good idea to tip them.

Many people are not just concerned about how much to tip junk removal crews, but also how to tip them. If you have been thinking about the mode, cash is currently the only method.

When you notice the following, it wouldn’t hurt to consider thanking them:

·       When the junk removal person brought a smile to your face.

·       When they completed their task quickly.

·       When they took extra care not to damage your property or items.

Tipping is an excellent way to do this. When they make your overall junk removal experience great, it is a good idea to think of how much to tip junk removal.


So, to sum it all up, “should you tip junk haulers?” The answer is yes. If you find their services above average and you are happy with them, there is no reason you should not be tipping them. You will earn their appreciation and doing a good deed in the process. Considering the above-mentioned points about how much they earn from tips, you will be making a great gesture. Further, you will also be encouraging the crew to do better in the future. Besides, you may never know when you may have to call upon their services again.

Anyone that works hard needs to be rewarded. It is a sign of appreciation and also goes on to boost morale.

You can get a free junk removal estimate by requesting a quote from us.

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