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How To Carry Heavy Furniture

Rearranging the furniture in your home can help keep the space looking better and cleaner. You may also consider removing old and outdated furniture and other items if they are no longer in usable condition. Keeping your home updated and clutter-free may not always be easy. One of the common reasons is that most furniture pieces tend to be heavy or large and difficult to move. You may also have to move furniture when moving to a new place. Such heavy items should not hinder your projects.

There are ways to carry heavy furniture safely with or without assistance and without causing any injury. This guide will make it easier to deal with such heavy items in your home.

1. Create a Plan

Before you get started with any cleanup or update project, spend some time planning.

·      Take note of all the items that are heavy and difficult to carry

·      Taken an inventory of all the heavy items

·      Plan out where you will reposition them or whether they need to be moved out

·      When loading items in a moving truck, place the heaviest furniture first

·      Heavy items should be placed at the back of the truck bed

Part of the planning process is to take note of the layout of your home. Check all the obstacles that can make it difficult to move the furniture. Locate the spots where the furniture will need to be lifted up. When you create a plan on how the heavy items will be handled, it helps save time and effort.

2. Get all the Right Equipment

There are many types of equipment including dollies and straps that make it easier to move heavy items. So, what are the different types of equipment that can help you with heavy furniture?

i. Moving Straps

Moving straps are also known as furniture straps. They make it easier to lift heavy furniture as they take off some of the weight off your arms and back. Straps can be adjusted to the size of the furniture and your own body size.

ii. Sliders

When you decide to move heavy furniture on your own, it is important to use furniture sliders. They are made of plastic and can have multiple parts or a single unit. Place them under each corner or leg of the furniture piece and glide it easily. Furniture sliders make it easier to move heavy furniture while also preventing any damage to your floor. They can also be used to move furniture on the carpet.

iii. Dollies

When it comes to furniture dollies, there are two options for you to choose from:

·      4-Wheeled Square Platform: They are available with or without a handle.

·      2-Wheel Hand Truck: It is more suited for handling taller furniture pieces. It has a smaller base but distributes weight in a vertical manner.

You should use straps or rope to secure the furniture to the dolly before pushing. It is best to check a removal company for the types of equipment they use for handling heavy and bulky furniture.

3. Disassemble the Furniture

If possible, disassemble the large and heavy furniture items. Having smaller and lighter pieces will make the move much simpler. Bookcases and tables can often be deconstructed into multiple pieces, which can be easily managed. It is also important to remove any items from inside the furniture, including clothes, books, drawers, and cushions.

When you disassemble a furniture piece, the screws, bolts, and other small items can be easily lost. Put all these items in baggies and label the parts.

4. Use Proper Lifting Techniques

When it comes to moving heavy furniture pieces, you will want to push, slide and drag them instead of lifting them. Moving the furniture this way can prevent putting so much stress on your body. But, there will be spots where it will be required to lift the item. You cannot drag or slide them everywhere. Especially when it comes to loading the furniture pieces into the truck.

It is recommended to learn some proven and effective lifting techniques:

·      Bend at the Knees: When you lift a heavy piece of furniture, make sure to bend at the knees and not the waist. It is important to carry the weight on your legs and not the back. When lifting and putting down the item, squat down at the knees instead of bending over.

·      Avoid Twisting Your Body: Avoid twisting your body or making fast movements when lifting and walking with a heavy piece of furniture.

·      Carry Furniture Close to Your Body: When lifting heavy furniture, try to keep them as close to your body as possible. There are multiple benefits to this. You can maintain balance and your shoulders and upper arms will be available for handling the weight.

When lifting heavy furniture, you should ensure that you can always see where you are going. When moving with the weight, make sure to face forward. Your body will naturally go where you face. So, you should face forward instead of looking down.

5. Get the Help of a Friend

It is always a good thing to get the help of a friend when lifting and moving furniture, especially heavy. When moving the item up or down the stairs, one person should hold the item at the high point and the other should hold it at the lower point. It is important to communicate each move with each other and move slowly.

So, make sure to follow these tips when moving heavy furniture. You should take all the steps essential to keeping yourself safe. If the job seems impossible, as some furniture items can be extremely heavy, you should seek the help of a professional furniture remover. Even when it is going to cost you some money, it is worth every penny saving your own health. A fully licensed and insured removal company can handle the move safely and keep your furniture and property safe during the entire process, giving you complete peace of mind.

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