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How To Remove And Recycle A Dishwasher?

Dishwashers are meant to last for an average of 10 years. While some can last for as long as 15 years when well maintained, others may need to be replaced after 5 years. When your old dishwasher stops cleaning or requires frequent repairs, it must be time to replace it with a more efficient and cost-effective unit. Uninstalling an old and non-operating dishwasher may seem like a costly job because it will mean calling in the professionals. If you think there is no need to spend money on skilled hands and the job is reasonable enough for you to handle, this guide is for you.

If you have the right tools and know what steps to follow, you can remove the dishwasher and send it for recycling. This guide will show you which steps are the most important.

1. Get all the Tools

You will require three commonly used tools for dishwasher removal. This includes:

·      A Wireless voltage meter

·      An adjustable wrench

·      A 4-in-1 screwdriver

2. Turn Off the Dishwasher

Turn off the power to the appliance from the circuit box.

·      Find the main breaker box.

·      Locate the circuit powering the dishwasher and turn it off.

·      Try to turn on the dishwasher to ensure that it is no longer working.

If the dishwasher still has power, you should turn off the main switch. This will turn off everything in your home.

3. Check the Plumbing Under the Sink

If there is little space to work in, remove the cabinet doors. Further, clean the under-sink area for easier access to the water lines.

·      Place a towel under the sink to catch any water.

·      If you are not sure how to disconnect the water line to the dishwasher, get the help of a professional appliance removal company.

·      Locate and inspect the water supply line for any signs of corrosion or leaks.

·      Any signs of corrosion should require the lines to be replaced.

·      Turn off the water shutoff valve. Twist the knob clockwise.

4. Remove Supply Line

Once the water shutoff valve is turned off, disconnect the supply line. Use the wrench to turn the nut connecting the supply line to the valve. Turn it counterclockwise until it turns no further.

5. Disconnect the Drain Hose

The drain hose connects the dishwasher to the kitchen sink’s drain. It is then linked with the garbage disposal.

·      Use the flat-head screwdriver to loosen the clamp.

·      Remove the drain line from the garbage disposal.

·      Place it on the towel to prevent any water from dripping on the floor.

6. Remove the Dishwasher from the Countertop

The dishwasher is connected to the countertop by a pair of screws. Locate them and remove them using the screwdriver. In some cases, there are more screws, or a bracket may be used to fix the dishwasher with the countertop. Remove any fixture that may have secured the unit to the cabinet.

7. Take Off the Lower Panel

A dishwasher will usually have a lower panel for hiding all the connections. It may be located at the bottom or top of your model. It is usually held in place by a number of screws. Remove this panel and the water lines, drain lines, and power wires will become exposed.

8. Locate & Disconnect Water Supply

Locate the water supply. It can be distinguished as either a copper or steel pipe. Use the wrench and loosen the nut that secures the water supply line to the appliance. Once the nut comes loose, unscrew it using your fingers. Don't disconnect anything else yet.

9. Loosen the Dishwasher’s Legs

The appliance will have 4 leveling leg screws at each bottom corner. Use the wrench to loosen the front leg screws. Start with the front leg screws and raise each leg until they are completely raised.

Place cardboard or towel to easily slide out the dishwasher without causing any damage to the floor. Keep sliding it out until the rear legs become accessible. Use the same technique to unscrew and raise the rear legs into the unit. This should free the dishwasher, but you should disconnect the power wires before removing the unit.

10. Check for Power in the Wires

You must have already turned the power off at the main circuit breaker. It is still important to check for any signs of power in the dishwasher. Use the voltage meter to test the exposed wiring under the panel. Once you have ensured that there is no power in the lines, proceed with the disconnection process. If the meter beeps, you should call in the professionals.

11. Disconnect Power

Your dishwasher has an electrical box. Locate it, find the wire nuts, and unscrew them. However, make sure the wires are removed only in the following order

·      Green

·      White

·      Black

Once you have completed this step, you can slide and remove the dishwasher. This should complete the process and your next goal should be to process recycling.

Recycling the Dishwasher

So, what are your options in recycling your old dishwasher? Recycling is an environment-friendly way to dispose of this old appliance. Here are some of the options you can check to send it for recycling:

·      Check with the Appliance Retailer: The retailer selling you the new dishwasher may haul off the old unit as an incentive or at an additional cost for recycling.

·      Check with Your Utility Company: Your utility company is likely to have recycling programs that encourage sustainability. Check with yours to find out how they can help.

·      Locate a RAD Partner: The Responsible Disposal Program (RAD) is backed by EPA and works with different levels of entities – from the government to manufacturers to utility providers to recycle old appliances.

·      Check with You Local Government: Many municipalities provide waste disposal services and recycling programs for appliances. Contact your local government if they can pick your old dishwasher for recycling.

So, these are some of the best options for having your old dishwasher recycled. If you find the task of removing the dishwasher too complicated, it is best to call in for professional help. There are companies that specialize in old dishwasher and refrigerator removals and can complete the job safely, giving you complete peace of mind. Find dishwasher removal providers on JunkRemoval.

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