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Speed up your Airbnb Renovation Projects

If you have space to rent out, it is best to choose the Airbnb path. It is convenient and rewarding. The way your space is presented makes a big difference if you want to stand out from the crowd. This will require renovating your home. Knowing which rooms to renovate can help speed up the process and get you started quickly. The following guide should help you speed up your Airbnb renovation project and start generating rental income at the earliest.

Minimum Space for Airbnb

There is no minimum space requirement for Airbnb. The key is to present your property in the right way. Some improvement projects can turn it into the right condition to host your guests. Your space may need de-cluttering to make it more accessible.

·      Add close organizers to add more storage space

·      Add furniture that easily folds up

The removed junk can be hauled away by a junk removal company. When you list your property for Airbnb, make sure to provide honest information about the available space and how many guests can be accommodated.

Interior Design Style

When renovating your home, it is important to make your guests feel like they are at home. There are different interior design styles to choose from, including:

·      Traditional Style: That is reminiscent of designs from the 19th or even 18th century.

·      Modern Style: The emphasis is on a sleeker and clean style and there are limited interior décor options.

·      Eclectic Style: This combines different styles, textures, colors, and periods.

·      Contemporary Style: This style combines modern style and cutting-edge art.

·      Industrial Style: There is a more raw approach to it, without any effort in hiding the interior items such as pipes and other background elements.

Upgrade the Furniture

Your old furniture may need to be replaced with new ones. When updating the furniture for Airbnb, it is recommended to choose a theme. This can bring consistency to how your home looks. The theme can be as simple as picking a certain color. Else, you may focus on a specific interior design.

Check other Airbnb listings to find out how they are using their furniture. There are many websites that can provide you with ideas on different types of furniture and their arrangement. When you have selected the furniture style and ordered your new furniture, it is important to take care of the old furniture. You may sell or donate it or remove it from your property using a furniture removal service if it is old and doesn't hold much value.

Decorate Your Home

Decorate your home to create a more homely environment. Most people prefer Airbnb is because they want to stay in a place that feels like home and not like a motel. Beautifully decorating your property using more homely elements can help you stand out.

·      Refer magazines or Pinterest for decoration ideas

·      High-quality wall art, flowers, and vases, and throw pillows are available at affordable prices in thrift stores, antique malls, and used item stores

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Give your Airbnb guests a great place to cook in style. Create a kitchen that is the highlight of your property. Keep the following relevant points in mind:

·      People choose Airbnb over other forms of lodging because they want to cook their own food.

·      You can upgrade the appliances without the need to revamp the countertops and cabinets

·      Make sure the refrigerator, stove, and all other appliances are in good condition

·      Add smaller appliances such as a coffee maker if you don't have them already

·      It is good to provide more countertop space for your guests to prepare their meals

Upgrade Your Bathroom

Next, you should focus on creating a bathroom space that your guests will love. This doesn't mean spending a lot. Upgrading the toilet and shower may be all that is required. It is recommended to upgrade the old fixtures to add a fresher look, add aromatherapy elements and assorted candles, and add thick towels.

The other renovations you can make will depend on the existing condition of your bathroom. Keep the following points in mind when preparing your bathroom for Airbnb:

·      Bathrooms need to be revamped every 5 years or earlier

·      Regrout or repaint the grout grey or white, a color different from the tiles

·      Resurface a bath/shower pan

·      Check and repair any areas in your bathroom that need an update

·      Use specialized cleaning solutions for metal items such as plug-holes and taps to make them look like new

·      Gloss paint the doors

Upgrade the Living Areas

Check the different living areas of your property that will be accessible to your guests. Upgrade or update them in ways that make them more comfortable and pleasing.

·      Upgrade the furnishings in such areas to enhance the comfort factor

·      Locate any furniture items that may seem out of place or uncomfortable and replace them

Upgrade Your Carpet

Check the quality and condition of your carpet to determine whether they can take the high foot-fall that comes with transforming your property for Airbnb.

·      Consider upgrading with medium or high-quality carpets

·      If the existing carpets are in great condition, get them professionally cleaned

·      You may also add a new carpet cleaner to your ‘arsenal’, as the carpets will require regular cleaning

Regularly cleaning your carpets can create a sensation of new carpets.

Once the renovation project is complete, it is important to clean up all the mess. You can seek the professional services of a junk removal company to take care of unwanted items.

When it comes to renovating or upgrading your home for Airbnb, there is no need to engage in major and expensive projects. You can achieve the desired results with a few basic tips. It is more important to keep the space clean and clear of any clutter. It is best to provide your guests with all the facilities and amenities they may require to make their stay comfortable, convenient, and pleasant.

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