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The Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist

Nature seems to have planned the fall season for one purpose - cleaning. Trees start shedding their leaves to prepare for new growth in the spring season. Thus, fall can also be seen as the perfect time to clean your home and prepare for the holiday season. You are going to spend more time indoors with your family and friends. It is only reasonable to have clean indoors and outdoors before the last leaf falls and the first snowflake falls.

This guide is your ultimate fall cleaning checklist for all the different areas in and around your home.

Things to Clean in Your Kitchen

·       Clean the kitchen grout

·       Clean the refrigerator coils if you have them. Use the brush attachment on the vacuum.

·       Clean the area under the refrigerator

·       Clean the oven and stovetop

·       Clean and condition the wooden components in the cabinets

·       Organize all the stored items in the cabinets

·       Replace the liners if required

·       Clean the interior of the dishwasher

·       Seal or polish the stone countertops

·       Wash the garbage cans and disinfect them

·       Scrub and clean the sink

·       Dust and clean the hood

·       Vacuum, scrub, and clean the floors

·       Clean and organize your pantry

Things to Clean in Your Bathroom

·       Clean the bathroom grout

·       Clean and condition the bathroom cabinets

·       Deep clean the tub and shower

·       Scrub and clean the countertops and sink

·       Sweep, scrub and clean the floors

·       Clean the toilet from inside and outside

·       Clean the mirrors

·       Wash and disinfect the trash can

·       Remove and recycle any empty and old containers

·       Dispose of all expired medicines

·       Wash the curtains and curtain liners

Things to Clean in Your Bedroom

·       Launder the bedspread, comforter, mattress cover, and decorative pillows

·       Wipe clean all the surfaces

·       De-clutter your bedroom and closet

·       Reorganize the closet after de-cluttering

·       Vacuum and flip/rotate the mattress

·       Switch out the clothes for the season

·       Place winter linens on your beds

Things to Clean in Your Living Areas

·       Vacuum and shampoo clean the rugs and carpets. Have the carpets professionally cleaned if required?

·       Vacuum upholstered furniture and cushions. Deep clean them if required.

·       Wipe down all kinds of surfaces including bookshelves, TV stands, end tables, and others

·       Polish the wooden furniture

·       Vacuum under the upholstered furniture cushions

·       Wipe down the computer monitors and TV screens

·       Wash any artificial plants

·       Dust and clean the natural leaves

·       Clean the remote controls and keyboards

·       Remove all the washable blankets and throw pillows into the laundry

·       Collect and remove all the clutter

Once you have cleaned all the rooms, seek the professional services of a removal company to remove all the junk.

Things to Clean Inside Your Home

Besides cleaning the different rooms, there are many other interior aspects to a complete fall cleaning checklist. This includes the following:

·       Wash the Windows: Use dishwashing liquid or glass cleaner to clean the windows. Use a spray bottle filled with water to spray clean and a microfiber cloth to wipe down the windows.

·       Vacuum Clean the Blinds: Set the vacuum on low and use a brush attachment. You may then use a dampened microfiber cloth to wipe down your vinyl shades. If they are dirty, submerge the shades or blinds in a mixture of dishwashing liquid in cool water. Make sure to remove the metal parts before soaking. If the window coverings are extremely dirty, consider washing cotton, rayon, wool, and polyester drapes in the machine on ‘delicate’ settings. If you have linen, lace, satin, or silk shades and drapes, it is recommended to use a professional cleaner.

·       Clean the Walls: Dust your wood-paneled or painted walls before washing, rinsing, and drying them.

·       Check the Wooden Floors: If you have dull or scratched wooden floors, get them professionally sanded and recoated. If required get them fully refinished.

·       Clean Light Fixtures: Clean all the light fixtures including the ones mounted on the ceiling.

·       Sweep & Clean the Fireplace & Chimneys: Get your fireplace, chimneys, and stove flues inspected by professionals and swept clean.

It is also recommended to de-clutter and clean the attic.

Things to Clean Outside Your Home

When it comes to the outdoors, it is important to follow this fall cleaning checklist:

·       Gutters: Clean the gutters and downspouts.

·       Patio Furniture: Clean all our outdoor furniture and store it away for the winter.

·       Garden Hoses: Drain and store away your garden hoses to protect them from winter damage.

·       Walls: Wash the walls around your home.

·       Windows: Wash the windows, sills, and groves.

Additional Seasonal Maintenance

There are a number of maintenance tasks you can include in your fall cleaning checklist. This includes:

·       Change the HVAC air filter

·       Dust and clean the ceiling fans

·       Replace the batteries in your fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide alarm systems

·       Check the weather stripping and get them replaced if required

·       If you have leather furniture, get them conditioned

This is a pretty comprehensive fall cleaning checklist to help you cover everything in and around your home. Once everything is neat and clean and all the clutter has been removed, you can settle into the cozy sense of the approaching holiday season. While some parts of the cleaning process may require professional services, you will have a lot of clutter and junk that will need professional removal.

Thus, fall cleaning is an important part of the seasonal maintenance task. Since it is a long list, you should get help from your family or friends to save time and effort. Getting your family involved can help manage different functions with ease. Your driveway, garage, and walkways can also do with some attention. The garage can have lots of clutter and when properly cleaned, you can have more usable space.

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