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Carpet and Rug Removal

Most modern homes have carpets and rugs. These furnishings ensure the floor is warm, comfortable, and presentable. While rugs are designed to last for a long time and handle a lot of wear, they eventually need to be replaced. The best way to do this is to hire a carpet removal service and let them manage everything. You can find a reliable carpet removal service provider on JunkRemoval. These carpet removal companies are licensed, insured, and have a good track record of prioritizing eco-friendly practices. 

What is a Carpet and Rug Removal Service? 

Professional carpet removal companies on JunkRemoval offer carpet and rug removal services. These carpet removal experts know how to pack, load, and transport old used or damaged carpets without causing any damage to them or the property. Most of the carpet removal companies provide a comprehensive service, which means they can also remove the carpet and rugs from the floor. 


A carpet removal company can remove & dispose of old carpets of all sizes and quickly transport full area rugs to the nearest recycling facility. They have the workforce, skill, equipment, and training to handle it all. 

How Do You Throw Away a Carpet or Rug?

It is a good idea to consider the carpet's overall condition before deciding how to dispose of it. For example, if it is in relatively good shape and only needs some cleaning, donating it would be the best option. Here's a look at the choices available to you:


·         Put It In Trash - You can cut the old carpet into smaller pieces and place it in the trash. While this is a convenient option, it doesn't always work. Many municipalities refuse to take carpets because they can't be sure the material is biodegradable. Some garbage removal companies collect household trash like used rugs and carpets. Contact the service provider directly to get more information on it. 


·       Repurpose It – If the carpet is in good condition, consider repurposing it. While repurposing is an excellent way to reduce waste, it doesn't help if you want to remove junk from your home to free up some space.


·      Recycle It - Recycling is an excellent alternative to putting the carpet in the trash or repurposing it. Recycling centers will break the carpet down and use materials from it for other products. A reliable carpet removal company will know which of the local recycling facilities can handle this material.


·         Donate It – Donating is the best option if your rug is in considerably good condition. Many charities and non-profit organizations can use carpets on their premises or give them to people in need. You will not just be reusing the item, but also helping someone. A removal company will have a list of charities or organizations that accept these donations.


If you don't know which option is right, consider reaching out to a household trash disposal company through JunkRemoval. 

How Can Rug Removal Services Help?

Professional rug removal companies have some experience in transporting rugs to different facilities. They are familiar with the local laws and industry guidelines, which means they can offer expert advice on the disposal of these furnishings. Here's a look at how they can help:


Estimate – The removal team will ask questions about the size of the carpet before providing an estimate. This estimate isn't final, and you will get a more accurate quote when the team arrives at your property to inspect the carpet.


·       Quote and Hauling – They will provide a detailed on-site quote for removing and transporting the rug. Usually, the quote is close to the initial estimate, so you needn't worry about unexpected costs. Once the client approves the rug removal cost, the crew will start removing and loading it into their truck. 


·      DIY Removal and Curbside Pick-Up – Clients can save money by removing the carpet and placing it on their curb. The rug removal company can then pick it up at a convenient time. You don’t need to wait for the appointment or be present during the pick-up.


·         Disposal – The team will transport your discarded carpet to a charity organization or a dedicated recycling facility that can handle carpets or rugs.


You can contact a furniture removal services through Junk Removal and ask about their process. Some will only pick the rug up and don’t remove it from the floor. You may need to keep it ready for them before the scheduled appointment and the crew will visit your location and pick up the carpet. 

What Types of Rugs and Carpets Will The Removal Company Take? 

Most carpet and rug removal service providers can handle different kinds of installations easily. No matter how big or expensive the item is, they will transport it to the destination without any damage. The pieces that are in usable condition will be repurposed or donated, while the rest will be sent to recycling centers. Most junk disposal companies will take:


  • Oriental Rugs
  • Throw Rugs
  • Wool Rugs

·         Large Oversized Rugs

  • Moroccan Rugs
  • Faux Fur Rugs
  • Indoor Carpeting
  • Outdoor Carpeting

·         Kitchen, Shower, and Tub Mats

  • Doormats

·         Pre-Rolled Carpeting


Contact the residential junk disposal company directly to get a good idea about their range of services. Some companies will refuse old carpets that are in deplorable condition and can be considered a hazard. For example, a moldy rug or carpet with a biological matter like blood requires special treatment. A junk removal company may not be equipped to handle it. Disclose this information to them when you call to ensure there are no issues down the line. 

Are Carpets and Rugs Recyclable?

All used carpets and rugs are recyclable, regardless of their material. The recycling center breaks the rug down to its base components. The materials are used to manufacture household plastic utensils, engines, flooring, interior auto components, and more.


Carpets made from natural fibers can also be used in a wide range of applications, so it's a good idea to recycle. Just look for 'carpet removal near me' to find a company that can help. They will handle everything from the pick-up to delivering the rug to a reliable recycling facility. 

Should You Dump Old Carpets in Landfills?


Rugs are made from a combination of materials. Some of these materials are biodegradable and will disappear in a landfill. Some have plastic, synthetic fibers, and rubber, which don't degrade well. They will linger in the landfill for hundreds of years, causing a great deal of pollution.


It is best to avoid dumping carpets in landfills, especially if you're not sure about the materials in it. Avoid throwing rugs in the trash because they will end up in landfills, burdening the environment. 

Remove Carpet Cost


The average cost of removing and disposing of a carpet can be between $1 and $2 per square yard. The cost of removing carpets from an average-size home can be around $175. Prices vary from one state to another, depending on the size of the rug and your location. It is best to contact the household trash removal company directly and request an estimate. Some companies will charge extra for rugs that are heavier than a specific weight limit. 


Always request quotes for two or three rug removal service providers so you can get the best possible deal. Look for any hidden costs or exemptions before hiring the service provider.

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