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Christmas Tree Removal

A Christmas tree is a highly popular holiday decoration, and almost every home has one. Families come together to set up and decorate the tree every year, taking great joy in the activity. But what happens when the holiday season passes and you need to clear the room and get everything back to normal?


It soon becomes an obstacle, creates a mess and takes up space in your living room. Artificial trees can be packed and stored and you can reuse them. But real trees need to be disposed of correctly. Fortunately, a company that offers Christmas tree removal service can help.


What is Christmas Tree Removal Services?


A Christmas tree removal company will pick up and either recycle or break down the tree for disposal. These establishments follow local government guidelines and safe practices to ensure your tree doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. Removal companies handle all aspects of the disposal process, so all you need to do is call and book the service.

 Best Ways to Dispose of A Christmas Tree


There are different ways to get rid of a Christmas tree after the holidays. Don’t place it on the curbside or dump it in the nearest landfill, even if it is real. Here’s a look at some Christmas tree disposal options you can opt for.


1. Real Christmas Tree Recycle


It is easy to recycle a Christmas tree because it is a biodegradable. Here's a look at the various recycling options:


·       You can take the tree to the nearest wood mulching or chipping plant to reduce the tree down to mulch; use it in your garden or landscaping to protect the ground, retain moisture and uplift the look of the outdoor spaces.

·       If you don't need mulch, you can drop the tree off at the local collection center. Most governments run these collection centers for a few weeks after Christmas to ease the process. Search online using the term "recycling Christmas trees near me" to find a collection center you can access easily.

·       You can also take the tree to a local wood recycling center if there are no collection centers in your immediate vicinity.

·       Junk Removal has a network of removal companies that can collect everything from Christmas trees to furniture if needed. These companies follow the local laws and guidelines and handle the disposal of the trees responsibly.


Real trees are a much better alternative to plastic ones, so if you want to install a Christmas tree in your home, consider sticking with the former.


2. Artificial Christmas Tree Recycle


Fake Christmas tree disposal isn't as easy as real tree disposal.  A combination of plastic, metal, and even glass is used to make these artificial trees. They components can't be separated and recycled because most are small. The best way to get rid of a fake Christmas tree is to sell it or consider junk donation to local charities.


Experts recommend that you follow the- reduce, reuse, and recycle mantra. If possible, avoid buying artificial Christmas trees in the first place because they can burden the environment. Stick with real trees or ornamental ones made from glass or other such eco-friendly materials. Reuse the trees for as long as possible.


When you keep them in good condition, they can last for decades, and you can use them every Christmas. If you are uncertain about how to dispose of your fake Christmas tree, get in touch with a professional for some advice. Experienced junk removal companies will know how to assist you. 

How Does Christmas Tree Removal Service Work?


Different companies have different ways to handle Xmas tree removal. You need to contact them directly to get more information. Most removal services have websites or state their contact information publically. You can find reliable vendors on platforms like Junk Removal. We have a network of licensed and certified service providers that can help. Here’s a look at how they usually handle these services:


·       Booking a Service – Contact the removal company to schedule a tree removal service. They will ask questions about the tree's size, dimensions, and other details to determine what you need. They will then provide an estimated cost for removal. Some companies offer fixed standards rates for household trash removal after the holidays. You can schedule a pick-up if the prices are suitable.

·       Pick-Up – The removal team will arrive in fully-equipped vehicles at the specified time to get the tree. Some companies accept curbside pick-up so you can place the tree outside, and they will pick it up. That's a good option for those who have resumed work and can't afford to stay for the scheduled appointment. You can also ask them to pick up the tree from where you have placed it inside your home.

·       Cleaning – The personnel will load the tree onto their vehicle and clean the site before leaving; it reduces your workload and allows you to use the space right after. This option isn't available for curbside pick-ups.

·       Disposal – Reliable Christmas tree removal service providers will reuse or recycle it instead of dumping it in a landfill. While natural trees degrade quickly and don't pollute the environment, it is good to use them for other purposes just to reduce the demand for wood as much as possible.


The Christmas tree removal is quick, easy, and doesn't require much effort on your part. Tree removal services are also very affordable, so there’s no reason why a homeowner shouldn’t book one. 

Can You Burn Christmas Trees?


Real Christmas trees are easy to burn. Many consider that a suitable method for disposing of the trees, but it isn't the right solution. Pine is a softer and suppler wood; it burns harder and creates large amounts of dense smoke that is harmful to your lungs.


Burning Christmas trees is illegal in most states and will draw negative attention even in places where it isn't illegal. The resultant smoke can bother neighbors and is a fire risk, so it’s best to avoid burning trees unless unnecessarily. 

Disposing Trees in the Green Bin


Regular garbage pick-up companies aren't equipped to handle Christmas tree collection, so adding one to your green bin won't work. The company will not pick it up, and your tree will sit on the curb for days. You can hire special garbage removal services for this purpose, especially if you also need Christmas decoration removal. 

Commercial Christmas tree Removal


Many commercial establishments install large trees in their buildings during the holiday season. Cleaning up and disposing of the tree and ornaments can be difficult, especially if you have set up a large and majestic tree to impress your customers. A professional tree removal company will break the structure down into smaller, more manageable sections before transporting them away from your property.


You can find reliable Christmas tree removal services on a platform like Junk Removal. It is easy to browse through different options and find a company that offers the best services at attractive rates. Searching on our platform is easier than browsing through many results on Google because you don't know which option is trustworthy. Be sure to check the company's record and recycling guidelines before hiring them.

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