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When people move from one property to another, they take most of their belongings with them. However, it is common for previous occupants to leave behind waste and items they don't need. This can happen during foreclosures or evictions too, as the occupants don't have enough time to deal with waste. Occupants or property owners can hire foreclosure cleaning companies to handle the mess effectively. Junk Removal has several licensed and certified service providers who can help.


What Are Cleanouts?


When a property is placed on the market for sale, it should be clean and presentable. There should be no trace of the previous occupants and nothing to distract prospective buyers from the merits of the building. Cleanouts help accomplish that by removing all debris, waste, and items that were left behind.


Cleanout is a comprehensive service that involves everything from removing junk to minor repairs or maintenance. Some companies will fix small holes in walls or carry out other small fixes to ensure the property is presentable to prospective buyers. These service providers will handle everything from merchandise removalto handling scrap metals. You can hire a clean-up service for:


·         Store or retail property closure

·         Foreclosure

·         Estate disposal

·         Residential foreclosure

·         Office move or closure


Some operators on Junk Removal specialize in office cleanout services, while others only focus on residential projects. Reach out to the service providers to understand what they offer and make sure they can handle your property before hiring them.


What’s Involved in Real Estate Cleanout Services?


Different companies handle cleanouts differently so you should check how a specific service provider works, in advance. However, most companies follow the process mentioned below:


·         Assessment – The junk removal company will send in an expert to assess the property carefully to understand the scope of the job. Commercial properties are often larger than residential buildings. They have more debris, and some of them even have heavy machinery. An assessment is necessary to understand what kind of team and equipment is needed for the clean-up.

·         Estimate – Once professionals have thoroughly assessed the property, they will provide a detailed foreclosure cleanouts pricing. This estimate will include all costs, exemptions, and a clear breakdown, so you know what you're paying for. Some companies offer preliminary quotes before an inspection and confirm the price after they have assessed the property.

·         Sorting – The cleaning company will sort through all of the debris left behind. They will divide items into different categories like recycling, reselling, disposal, and toxic or hazardous waste. You can’t just take all of the debris and dump them in a landfill. Professionals will follow local guidelines to ensure these items are disposed of safely.

·         Hauling – All waste items are loaded onto the company’s truck and taken to different facilities based on how they need to be handled. Cleanout companies can handle everything from regular trash to furniture removaleffectively. The workers know how to handle heavy machinery and will load everything onto the truck carefully.

·         Clean-Up – Removing the debris is just the first part of the process. Reliable cleanout companies also include comprehensive cleaning in this service. They will remove dust, mop surfaces, carry out minor repairs, and make sure the property is presentable before considering their job done.


Clients can make an additional request or tailor the services according to their particular requirements. A junk removal company will customize their approach based on the size of the property and the amount of waste in it.


Why Hire Professional Cleanout Services?


DIY or in-house cleaning seems like a more affordable approach, but it is better to hire professionals that provideoffice cleanout services. Here’s a look at some reasons why hiring professional cleanout services are worth the money:


·         Organized and Well-Planned Approach – Professional removal experts will take an organized, well-planned approach to remove debris. They will go through every office, lounge, lobby, and restroom space to find what was left behind. They will then sort all items into different categories for effective disposal.

·         Less time Consuming – Cleanouts can be a long, tedious affair, especially if you want to clean out commercial property. The process can take several days if you don't have enough experience, which is why hiring a professional for the task is a wise decision. You can focus on more important responsibilities while the clean-up team handles these tasks.

·         Proper Disposal – Professional junk removal teams are familiar with the local laws and industry standards. They know how they must dispose of different kinds of items in an environmentally-friendly manner and offer reliable bereavement cleanout services.

·         Advice –Bank foreclosure cleanouts, estate sales, and other such situations must be handled carefully because there are some legal aspects to consider. An experienced junk removal company can offer advice on how to handle situations, so you don't end up in trouble down the line.


Professional cleanout services aren't as expensive as most people believe. Junk Removal allows clients to contact multiple vendors at once for estimates and advice. You can compare quotes from different vendors to find an offer that fits your budget.


Recycling After Cleanout


Recycling is good for the environment and helps reduce waste significantly. A study conducted by the EPA in partnership with Yale University found that about 22% of all waste is recycled. That's only a fraction of the waste that can be recycled. Most of the debris from commercial cleanouts ends up in landfills, causing a lot of environmental pollution. House cleanout companiesfocus on recycling while cleaning out foreclosed homes, so most of the debris gets reused or ends up in disposal facilities.


Junk removal services can organize junk donation drives to ensure items that are in serviceable condition can be reduced. For example, if the retail property has some desks or units that the new owner doesn’t want, the furniture items can be donated to local charitable organizations instead of being sent to recycling.


Items like wood furniture, fabrics, paper waste, electronic waste, etc., can all be recycled effectively. Even old computers, printers, faxes, scanners, and associated peripherals can be recycled.


Handling Large Items


Many commercial properties have large items like heavy machinery, refrigerators or cold storage in lounge areas, large furniture pieces, etc. Disposing of these items requires skill and special equipment because they aren't easy to carry out of the property. Different companies approach these items differently. Large furniture pieces that aren't reusable are broken down until they are easier to transport before being carted to a recycling facility.


Heavy machinery is often sold to other companies if it is in working condition. If not, these machines are transported to disposal facilities that specialize in the field. These facilities follow industry guidelines to break down and dispose of the different components of the machine. The same process applies to any appliance present on the property.


Hazardous and Toxic Waste in Bank Foreclosure Cleanouts


It is common to find toxic or hazardous waste in foreclosed or old commercial properties. This waste includes adhesives, oil filters and used oil, paint, batteries, insecticides, and other flammable substances. Such items need to be disposed of carefully because they can cause a lot of damage if kept in unstable conditions. An experienced junk removal company will know what to do with them.


Junk Removal gives you access to a strong network of cleanout contractors and professionals. You can find reliable, trustworthy, and experienced service providers who will handle everything from foreclosures to business shutdowns expertly. 

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