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Why JunkRemoval.com?

Our name is very intuitive and easy to remember. JunkRemoval.com will be the authority website in the junk removal and trash industry. 

What does free listing mean?

A business listing for your junk removal or dumpster rental will always be free on JunkRemoval.com. That means you can list your services, specialty, business hours, sub-service categories, etc.

Which states do JunkRemoval.com is operating?

JunkRemoval.com is currently listing service providers in Georgia and Florida.

Are you going to be expanding?

Yes, we are soon going to be expanding state-by-state to cover the entire United States. Then service providers from all states can register their business and choose their service area.

What do you mean by Service Areas?

The service area can be by state, city, or county. We request all service providers to only chose those cities and zip codes where they have the required license or permit to operate.

What is a sponsored listing?

Currently, our listings show the most relevant service providers in your area. But if you want your business to come on top and be more prominent to users, we can sponsor your listing for a reasonable price. Talk to one of our experts today.

Can I have my business listing removed?

Yes, you can request your business or listing to be removed from our website. Please Call (888) 278-3004

More questions?

Call one of our experts today.

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