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Hot Tub Removal

Who doesn't like relaxing in a hot tub after a hectic day? It's relaxing to lounge in warm water; most people enjoy having hot tubs in their homes and won't hesitate to install one if they have space and resources. Unfortunately, removing a hot tub isn't as straightforward as owning one. The fixture is big, bulky, and made from a combination of materials like ceramic, metal, or even plastic. That can make disposing of it a particularly challenging task. You need to hire professionals that offer hot tub removal services. 

Hot Tub Demolition and Removal


Many homes have embedded or large hot tubs, which means it is impossible to remove them in one piece. A trained professional will know how to demolish the fixture, so it is more suitable for transport. Once they break down the tub into smaller pieces, the experts will transport it to the nearest recycling center or follow the local guidelines to ensure the item is disposed of safely.


Professional hot tub haul-away service is a better alternative to DIY removal, especially if you don't have any experience handling similar tasks.  

Why Hire Professional Spa Removal?


Many people hesitate to hire professionals because they are worried about hot tub removal costs. JunkRemoval has a number of hot tub removal services, so you can find the nearest provider & ask for a free quote from multiple hot tub removal providers. It is easier to find a service that fits your budget on such our platform. Here are some reasons why you should consider it:


·       Well-Planned Approach – Professionals have the right training and experience to approach hot tub removal systematically. For example, they will come up with different plans for standalone tubs and may even transport it whole so that it can be reused.

·    Right Tools and Techniques – Removal companies have the right tools to carry out the task efficiently. They will use cutters, chisels, and skill to break a tub down into smaller parts for transport. They will also observe precautions and ensure no one is injured while managing the removal. Experienced teams also know how to transport a tub whole without causing any damage to it or the surrounding installations.

·       Transport – Removal teams will arrive in fully-equipped vans based on your requirements. For example, if you want to remove a large spa or two bathtubs, they will come in a bigger truck to ensure there’s enough room for the tubs. These trucks have adequate space for everything, from tubs to pianos.

·      Proper Disposal – Most hot tub removal companies follow local regulations or industry standards to reduce the impact on the environment. They will prioritize reusing or recycling the tubs over dumping them in landfills. If discarding the material is the only option, removal companies will follow safe practices to reduce pollution as much as possible.

·       All Kinds of Hot Tub Junk – A removal company won’t just take the hot tub, but also any connected accessories. If you want to dispose of the faucets, pipes, or covers, the removal team will help.


As you can see, hiring a professional is a better alternative to DIY removal. Hot tubs are very heavy and can cause a lot of damage if the handling is not correct. Even breaking the fixture down requires some skill and effort. 

What Kind of Hot Tubs Does a Removal Company Take?

Most removal companies will take hot tubs and spas of different sizes and combinations. It is a good idea to contact them directly to get a good idea about their range of services. A removal team will take:


·       Hot tub Covers

·       Steel Tubs

·       Ceramic or Porcelain Tubs

·       Metal Tubs

·       Glass Removal

·       Above Ground Spas


Some removal companies won’t have the equipment or skill necessary to remove embedded tubs. Ask them in advance whether they offer the service before hiring them.   

How to Dispose of a Hot Tub?

These fixtures are heavy and bulky, and most regular waste collection services won't take them. You can't just place a tub on the curbside and expect a garbage truck to pick it up. Here's how you can dispose of a tub or spa effectively:


·       Exchange It – Many tub retailers offer exchange services. They will take the old tub off your hands and provide a new one at a discounted rate. These establishments usually resell the older pieces at a very affordable price wherever there's a demand.

·       Selling It – Hot tubs are difficult to recycle, so it is a good idea to use them for as long as possible. If you want to replace or remove your old tub, consider selling it to an online buyer or at a yard sale.

·     Hire a Removal Team – Junk Removal companies are the best solution because they provide a complete service. A team of experts will handle everything from disconnecting the tub to transporting it. They have the training needed to carry heavy loads out of a property safely.


Sometimes renovation companies will handle the disposal of all debris. Ask them about the waste collection from renovation before hiring them. 

How Do Hot Tub Removal Companies Work?

You can find the right removal provider through reliable platforms like JunkRemoval. Once you decide on a particular service provider, you can expect the following:


·      Consultation – The removal company will ask a few questions about the hot tub's size, location, and dimensions before offering a tentative quote. The team will offer a final estimate after they assess the piece and determine how much effort the removal would take.

·      Removal and Transport – Once you agree to the final estimate, the removal team will start working on disassembling and transporting the tub. It is a good idea to drain, clean, and disconnect your hot tub or Jacuzzi so the workers can quickly remove it.

·       Transport – The team will load all of the debris into their truck and clean up after themselves. The waste is transported to the disposal or recycling centers based on local regulations.


Modern removal companies have an eco-friendly approach to all household trash removal assignments. They will check whether any component of your tub or Jacuzzi can be reused or recycled first before disposal. 


Jacuzzi Removal Price

The cost of removing a hot tub can vary. The service provider will take factors like size, the labor involved, time, the difficulty level of transporting it, etc., into account before providing a quote. The average cost of removal and transportation can start at $350, but it varies from one state to another.


The best way to get the most accurate estimate is to contact the service provider directly. You can get in touch with multiple vendors on Junk Removal and compare quotes before making a choice. It may be more affordable to dispose of most of your household waste simultaneously instead of separately hiring the removal team for everything. For example, wait until the bathroom renovation project is over before hiring a removal company to take care of all the debris.


Choose a removal company that is certified and has sufficient insurance coverage. When you look for a hot tub removal service near me, check the provider's website for information on past projects. You can request the information directly if it isn't available online, as most companies will be willing to provide it.

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