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Piano Removal

Pianos are some of the most popular musical instruments. The basics are relatively easy to learn, and some people can master a classic but simple tune in a matter of hours. However, keeping these instruments around isn't always the best choice.


Many owners find they don't have the time or inclination to play the piano, and it just sits in a corner, collecting dust. It takes up too much space to keep it around for occasional playing. If you have a piano you hardly ever use, it's best to start looking online for 'piano removal services near me’ on platforms like JunkRemoval.   

What is a Piano Removal Service?


A piano removal service is managed by professionals who know how to transport these instruments safely. They have the right skills, experience, and equipment to handle delicate musical instruments without damaging them. A professional removal service will include everything from dismantling to piano disposal.


Many companies that handle household trash removal don't have the capacity or skill to remove pianos, so you need to contact them and check whether they have experience handling the removal of these instruments before hiring them. 

Why Hire Professionals?


Pianos are delicate and sophisticated instruments. Moving them around without damaging them can be a complicated task, which is why you should consider hiring a professional for the job. Here's a look at why you need help:


·       Special Equipment – Moving a piano requires specialized equipment. Professionals use truck dollies, adjustable spinets, hydraulic dollies, digital dollies, etc. to transport a piano. These tools are necessary because most pianos are heavy and delicate. Special equipment also helps prevent injuries because removal experts can move them without straining their bodies.


·       Hauling without Damage – If you’re giving the instrument away for junkdonation, you need to ensure it doesn’t get damaged during the move. Professional piano removal services have experts that understand the piano's structure and components. They will secure all the delicate parts, so you don’t need to worry about damage.


·       Connection with Donation Centers – When you’re looking for removal companies, check whether they have experience with pianos. These establishments usually have connections with dedicated donation centers that can handle pianos or other musical instruments. 


·    Recycling Pianos – If the item is damaged beyond repair, you need to look for ‘piano recycling near me.' These instruments can be recycled safely after separating various components.


Professionals handle all aspects of piano disposal so you can relax during the entire process. 

How to Dispose Of Pianos


There are several ways to dispose of pianos based on their size and condition. If the instrument is too damaged or if you don't know whether it's salvageable, consult a professional before making a decision. Here's a look at the piano removal options available:


·       Donate to Charity – Many charities and national establishments like the Salvation Army or Goodwill accept musical instruments, including pianos. Check their website or contact them directly to see whether they will take your piano. Share some pictures of it with the organization, so they have an idea of what to expect.


·       Donate to Organizations – If you can't find any charities that accept instruments, consider donating pianos to organizations like schools, retirement homes, afterschool programs, music learning organizations, retirement homes, social groups or clubs, etc. Many of these places are willing to accept pianos or other musical instruments.


·       Give to Relatives – Pianos are expensive, and even used ones can cost hundreds of dollars. If you have a child or teen in the family interested in music, consider giving the piano to them. It will encourage the child's musical talent while helping the parents save money.


·       Sell Online – A piano is a popular musical instrument, so you are likely to find several buyers online. People will even buy a damaged one as long as it can be repaired at a reasonable cost.


Piano recycling is the last resort if donating it doesn't work. Don't dump these instruments in landfills because they will only take up space there. 

Professional Piano Disposal


Different disposal companies have different approaches to piano removal. You can contact them directly through Junk Removal to ask how they manage the task. Here's a look at what most removal companies do:


·       Consultation and Quote – Pianos come in different shapes and sizes, so you need to contact the residential junk removal service provider directly to see if they can remove your instrument. A Baby Grand requires more effort than an upright piano. The removal company will provide a quote once they know the scope of the job.

·       Dismantling – Some pianos need dismantling before removal experts can transport them. The team will carefully prepare the instrument for transport to ensure it doesn't get damaged.


·       Loading – Removal teams will load the instrument into their moving truck using special equipment like trolleys and dollies. They will make sure your property doesn't sustain any damage during the removal.


·       Disposal – A piano that isn't donated will be recycled and disposed of according to local guidelines. You can ask for details directly by contacting the service provider through Junk Removal.


A good company will have a team of experienced professionals that can provide straightforward advice on piano removal. 

Types of Pianos


Junk and furniture removal companies have the equipment needed to handle pianos of different shapes, sizes, and models. The most common items include:


  • Grand & Baby Grand Pianos
  • Digital Pianos
  • Upright Pianos
  • Antique Pianos
  • Electric Organs
  • Small Pipe Organs
  • Spinet Pianos
  • Electric Keyboards
  • Harpsichords
  • Console Pianos


Just share the pictures of your instrument with the removal company. They will provide an accurate quote and send the right equipment for the piano removal service. 

Are Piano’s Recyclable?


Many people don’t know that most components of a piano are recyclable. Look online for ‘piano recycling near me’ and visit local recycling center websites to see how they break the instrument down for recycling. These companies will remove materials like:


·       Wood

·       Steel

·       Cast Iron

·       Plastic

·       Ivory (in vintage pianos)


Almost every part of the piano is reusable. A professional removal service will explain how it is done so you can make an informed decision. 

Cost of Piano Removal


The cost of piano disposal services can vary based on the size and the layouts of your property. Sometimes piano removal teams have to dismantle the instrument to get it out of your home, which takes time and effort. Most removal services cost around $150 to $300 on average, though clients can expect to pay more for grand pianos.


You should look for ‘piano removal services near me' and request a quote to get a more accurate idea about the price. Compare quotes from different junk removal companies to find a service provider that offers the best rates. Check for hidden costs or exemptions before making a choice.


Reusing or donating a piano is a better alternative to recycling or discarding it. Most damaged instruments can be restored with some investment and dedication. Check whether yours is fixable before choosing to dispose of it. 


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