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Pool Table Removal

Many people add entertainment rooms to their homes. They want to play games, host parties, and have fun without always having to step out of the house. A pool table is one of the most popular additions to these rooms because it is a relaxing game, ideal for friendly get-togethers.

But, with time, people lose interest in the game. They can get all the help they need by looking for pool table removal and disposal near me online. Pool table movers ensure that the pool table disposal is quick and easy. Pool Billiard table removal is part of residential junk removal and you can find a pool table pickup company in your city on JunkRemoval. 

Pool Table Removal Near You

Find local pool table removal services with a good ratings on JunkRemovalLook for pool table movers that are committed to the environment and follow safe disposal practices. Make sure they prioritize recycling over all other alternatives. You can contact the local pool table movers directly through JunkRemoval, read their reviews and request an estimate of removing a pool table.

Pool table removal includes everything from dismantling the pool table to transporting it.
Furniture removal companies have the tools, and skills to safely move and dispose of the old pool table. Professional pool table movers follow local government guidelines and industry standards to transport the billiards pool table. They take precautions that the pool table removal doesn't cause damage to the property.


Pool Table Removal Services

Every pool table movers have its method of handling pool table removal & disposal. You can ask about the process by contacting them directly through JunkRemoval. Here's a look at what most pool table removal services will do: 

  1. Price Estimate – The removal team will offer an accurate quote if you provide information on the table's size and dimensions during the call. It is also a good idea to mention whether any disassembly is required because that adds to the cost.
  2. Scheduling an Appointment – If you approve of the price quoted, schedule a pick-up for the item at your convenience. Most removal companies offer home and curbside pick-up options. You can save some money on the service by placing the table on the curbside for the company to collect.
  3. Dismantling the Pool Table – Some pool tables are just too big to transport in one piece. In such cases, the removal team can expertly dismantle the table without causing it any damage. They will follow the manufacturer's guidelines for disassembly to ensure it can be reassembled correctly later.
  4. Loading and Transport – Professionals have specialized tools that safely help them carry heavy objects like billiard tables. These tools reduce the chances of them sustaining an injury or causing damage to the property. 
  5. Disposing of The Pool Table – Disposing of a pool table often involves donating or recycling. Professional removal companies will know the best recycling centers and donation facilities in your local area.


Contact the rubbish disposal agency directly through JunkRemoval to know more about how they get rid of pool tables. Make sure they have a good track record of recycling junk and follow environment-friendly waste disposal processes.

Billiards and Pool Table Disposal Services

There are different ways to dispose of pool and billiard tables, depending on their condition. Here's a look at what you can do:

  • Give to Charity – Many charity organizations will accept entertainment items like pool tables, board games, video games, etc. Youth organizations are often interested in this kind of junk donation because games keep young individuals engaged and out of trouble.
  •  Sell It Online – Many people don’t want to spend money on a new table when they can get good quality products in the used item market. Unfortunately, this is a time-consuming and relatively tedious process. The table may not sell for months, which means you will have to find a storage solution for it, and that means you end up spending out of pocket for it. It is more convenient to let a junk removal company pick it up.
  •  Send to the Manufacturer – Some pool manufacturers run their disposal or recycling programs. These companies often reuse components of the table to manufacture new ones or refresh it to sell on the second-hand market. It can be challenging to find a collection site near your location, and not all pool table manufacturers have such programs. Recycling through a junk disposal company is quicker and more effective.


Reuse or recycle are the best options for tables that are too damaged to fix. Don’t dump ruined billiard sets in the nearest landfill as they will add to environmental pollution.

Donate Pool Table

Pool table can be donated to local charity organizations. These organization set up game rooms and entertainment areas where the homeless, at-risk, and teens in troubled circumstances can play pool. The billiards pool table can be donated to organizations near you, like:


  •        The United Way
  •        Boys and Girls Club
  •        Group Homes
  •        Churches
  •       Centers for Troubled Teens
  •       Camps
  •         Community Centers


Find local pool table movers on JunkRemoval who will pickup and donate the pool table. Residential junk removal companies who have worked with local charitable organizations in the past, will pickup and donate a pool table.

Pool Table Recycling 

If the pool table can’t be reused, send it to a recycling facility. The facility will break all of the components down to extract useful materials from the item. Here’s a look at the type of materials that can be recycled:

  1. Wood
  2. Fabric
  3. Rubber
  4. Slate
  5. Plastic


Every material requires a different kind of recycling process. A trained technician will sort through the separated components and send them to the relevant recycling plant. Taking a pool table apart requires some effort, skill, and time, so hiring junk removal professionals is the best choice.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Pool Table?

The average pool table removal cost can range between $300 and $600, but this varies based on the location and removal company. Requesting a quote is the best way to get a more accurate idea.

The cost depends on the size of the table and its location. If your table is too big to transport in one piece, it will need careful dismantling. A reputable pool table removal service provider will have trained experts who know how to take tables apart without damaging its components. 


Commercial Pool Table Removal 

Commercial pool table removal services help businesses get rid of their tables and other entertainment accessories. For example, if you are a bar owner, wanting to open up floor space in your establishment by removing a few pool tables, a removal company can help. They have the skill, workforce, equipment, and transportation necessary to handle the bulk waste.  


You can request quotes from multiple removal companies through JunkRemoval to find a competitive pool table removal cost.

Types of Game Tables That Pool Table Removal Service Can Take

Companies that handle billiard pool table removals can also take other game tables or boards from your property. These items include:

  1. Pool Tables
  2. Poker Tables
  3. Foosball Tables
  4. Billiard Tables
  5. Shuffleboard Tables
  6. Ping Pong Tables
  7. Combination Game Tables
  8. Air Hockey Tables


All of these items require specialized tools and loading techniques for hauling and disposal, especially if you want to donate or sell them. Hiring an experienced removal company through JunkRemoval is the best choice. You will be able to find someone trustworthy and committed to disposing of waste safely.

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