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Refrigerators Removal

It isn't easy to move a refrigerator alone. These appliances are bulky, awkward to maneuver and need the combined strength of a few people to shift even a few feet. In short, hauling an old refrigerator by yourself is next to impossible. If you want to get rid of your existing old fridge, you can't dispose of it with all the other trash in your home.


Even if you somehow manage to place it on the curb, most areas would not offer refrigerator or freezer removal as part of standard garbage disposal services. Identifying how to transport it isn't easy either. Not only is a refrigerator very heavy, but is also filled with chemicals which means that you need to follow specific disposal methods for this appliance.


It's best to hire a company that offers junk removal services, keeping all of these aspects in view. While many companies offer appliance removal services, it is a good idea to compare various service providers and the refrigerator removal cost they quote. Once you have this information, you can determine which service provider you want to hire from the Junk Removal platform. 

Professional Refrigerator and Freezer Removal Services


A professional company that provides appliance removal services will also handle old refrigerator pickups with ease. Whether you have a standard home size refrigerator or a large freezer, these companies can help. The operators also handle commercial freezer removal and can pick up non-working as well as working refrigerators.


When you call the operators with your requirement, they will ask you a few questions to determine what the approximate size and shape of the appliance is. This information will give them a good idea about the size of vehicle they need to bring to pick up the refrigerator.


If you have a large freezer and/or a double door fridge that you want to dispose of, they will bring a truck that can accommodate stand-up refrigerators and other appliances. After they have done all the heavy-lifting, they will ensure that the old refrigerator is either recycled, donated or disposed of responsibly.


Proper fridge freezer removal and disposal is the best way to prevent harmful chemicals from leaching into the soil and damaging the environment. Companies that handle appliance removal are aware of all these aspects and will make sure that the refrigerator removal and disposal are carried out in line with the local government guidelines.  

The Fridge Freezer Removal Process


Most companies have a precise process that they follow for refrigerator removal:


·       You have to call them to schedule an onsite assessment by calling the listed number. 

·       They will send out their technicians to your property to provide a free onsite estimate.

·       The residential or commercial freezer removal team will call you half an hour before this scheduled appointment window.

·       When they arrive, you need to point the broken refrigerator or freezer that you want to remove.

·       They will provide you with an all-inclusive, upfront quote.

·       Once you have approved the quote, they will haul your refrigerator or freezer away from its location.

·       They will make sure that the appliance is moved out of the area, into the truck carefully without causing any damage to your property.

·       The team will also tidy up the area before leaving.

·       When it comes to refrigerator removal, the company that handles the job for you will donate or recycle the appliance if possible. If the refrigerator isn't functioning, they will dispose of it in line with the existing rules and regulations.

 Common Refrigerator Disposal FAQs


1. How Do I get rid of my old refrigerator?


If you are planning to upgrade your kitchen or looking to move, you might want to dispose of various appliances. When disposing of your existing refrigerator, there are multiple responsible ways to do it:


·       Donate the refrigerator to any local charity of your choice.

·       Take it to a nearby recycling facility.

·       If you are buying a new refrigerator, check with the retailer whether they will take the older one and give you a discount on the new one. The retailer may then recycle the appliance for you if they are part of the RAD program.


Look for a service provider on the Junk Removal website and call them for appliance removal. You can also check with them about their junk donation services.


2. Is it possible to recycle a refrigerator?


Yes, of course, you can. Most cities are required by federal law to recycle appliances. Refrigerators and freezers contain chemical refrigerants and oils but have to be removed very carefully and disposed of responsibly to avoid polluting the environment. After this, the appliance can be taken apart, and the various components recycled.


3. Why Is It Crucial to Recycle Refrigerators?


As mentioned earlier, most major appliances like freezers and refrigerators contain chemical refrigerants, oils, electrical components and foam insulation which can cause significant damage to the environment unless they are disposed of properly. Some of the materials, including plastic and metal, are not biodegradable, which take up significant amounts of space in local landfills. If the refrigerators are allowed to sit, they can start to leak chemical components which will pollute the soil, causing damage to the environment. It’s why correct fridge removal is vital.


4. Do I need to contact refrigerator removal professionals?


While you can handle recycling or refrigerator old freezer removal yourself, it is far better to hire professionals for the job. They do all the heavy lifting for you, so you do not have to risk a back injury by hauling the appliance yourself. All you have to do is call them to schedule the appointment as mentioned, and they will come and pick it up at the designated time.  


The appliance removal company may also be able to handle old furniture removal and yard waste removal. If you need any other trash removed from your property, or recycled, check Junk Removal to find out which service provider would be able to offer you various solutions.


5. How do I get my old refrigerator ready for disposal?


Even when you call a junk removal company to dispose of your refrigerator, there are specific steps you would have to take to ensure that it is ready for them to pick up. These are the steps you would need to follow:


·       Unplug the appliance a few hours before their arrival to defrost its evaporator.

·       Remove all perishable goods and foods from the fridge.

·       Tape down all the compartment, shelves and other removable/loose components.

·       Do not attempt to lift the refrigerator on your own.

·       When the technicians arrive at your location, indicate where the fridge is, and they will manage the task from there onwards.


6. Different Types of Refrigerators You Can Dispose


Most appliance removal companies will take away a wide variety of fridges, including:


·       French Door Refrigerators

·       Compact Refrigerators

·       Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

·       Full-Sized Deep Freezers

·       Mini Fridge & Freezers

·       Top-Freezer Refrigerators

·       Side-by-Side Refrigerators

·       Full-sized Combination Fridges


When you are looking for a refrigerator removal company, make sure that you get multiple quotes and understand what types of junk they can remove and recycle for you. It’s best to de-clutter your home so that the technicians can take away all the appliances, furniture and other items that you do not need or want any longer. Look for the best service providers on the Junk Removal website.

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