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Television Removal

Almost every home has a television. This device has become one of our primary sources of entertainment over the years, even after the growing popularity of streaming services. People like to watch movies, television programs, news, and play games on a large screen.


What happens to these devices when they stop working or people upgrade their TVs? They either end up in the trash or are recycled, and most people end up dumping them because it is more convenient. Hiring a television removal service is the best choice because you can dispose of your TV responsibly. 


What is Television Removal Service? 

Experienced professionals offer TV removal & disposal services. They collect the old and used TV from your property and transport it to a disposal center, donation, or recycling facility. A reliable TV removal service will always follow the local government's guidelines and industry standards for electronic waste disposal.


While hiring a removal company isn’t as convenient as tossing the unit at a nearby landfill, it is more environmentally-friendly. If you want to ensure your television doesn’t cause any harm, get a professional team through JunkRemoval to handle the task. They will follow safe practices and manage old TV disposal properly.  


Can I Dump The Television in a Landfill? 

Avoid dumping TV units in landfills as much as possible, no matter what kind of television you have. Televisions aren't made from safe or biodegradable materials, so they end up sitting in the landfill for decades and will continue to stay there for a few hundred years. Here's a look at all the toxic and non-toxic substances that end up in landfills if you dump a TV unit there:


·         Cadmium

·         Leaded glass

·         Mercury lamps

·         Bromine

·         Lead

·         Arsenic

·         Chlorine

·         Plastic

·         Scrap metal

·         Glass and wood


The majority of the materials mentioned above are highly toxic to the environment and can harm people's health. Lead or mercury can sink into the ground, polluting the underground water sources. That's why old TV disposal should be handled carefully by certified collection centers.


How Do TV Disposal Services Help? 

TV disposal is a straightforward service that doesn't require much effort on your part. You need to find a reliable junk removal company on JunkRemoval and arrange for a pickup. Different companies have different approaches to this, but here's a look at how most of them carry out the service:


·      Estimate and Scheduling – Clients only need to mention the size, brand, and type of television to the removal company during their initial inquiry. The service provider will give you a relatively accurate quote of what to expect so you can decide whether the cost works for you before scheduling a pickup at a convenient time.


·       Curbside Pickup – A curbside pickup is fast and easy. Just place the television unit on the curb and let the removal company pick it up. The team will keep you updated on the pickup time by calling 30 minutes to an hour in advance. They will also send a confirmation message that they have picked up the unit.


·       In-House Collection – Some clients want the team to pick the television from their homes. This service often includes removing the device from its wall-mounted position. You should consider booking an in-house service if the TV is big and bulky.


Once they collect the television from your residence,  they will take it to a dedicated recycling facility or a charity organization. A good TV removal company will know reliable recycling establishments and make sure the waste is disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.


Donating Old Televisions 

Donating old televisions are an excellent way to avoid waste. You reduce the demand for new units and help people who can't afford to buy one. Several charitable organizations and non-profit clubs accept donations of television, monitors, and other such devices. Just make sure these devices are in proper working condition before donating them.


TV removal provider will assess the device to determine whether it is suitable for junk donation before taking it to a charity. If the unit is too damaged or doesn’t function according to user expectations, recycling is your best bet.


Is TV Recycling Possible?


Approximately 120 million households in the US have televisions, 28 million units are discarded annually, and 23 million units end up in the trash. At the same time, only a little over 4 million are recycled.  The television recycling rate is only around 17% in the US, which means a lot of waste eventually ends up in landfills.  


Televisions aren't as easy to recycle as many household appliances, but it's possible. Dedicated facilities that specialize in this field know exactly how to break the device down and extract all reusable material. Old CRT units need careful handling because they contain highly toxic chemicals that can cause health problems. Recycling facilities follow the latest safety standards and dismantle the televisions correctly.


LCDs may not contain as many toxic substances as CRT units do, but they are difficult to recycle. These units weren't designed with recycling in mind, so many of their components end up in a landfill. However, it is still important to recycle them because LCD screens have substantial mercury content.


LED televisions are recyclable and more eco-friendly. They also have fewer toxic components, which makes them relatively easy to recycle. An experienced electronics waste removal company on JunkRemoval will know which local facility is capable of processing your unit.


What Type of Television Units Will A Junk Removal Company Take?


A television removal company can dispose of all kinds of brands, models, types, and sizes. Here’s a look at the range of television and display technology they can haul:


  • CRT Televisions
  • LED/OLED Televisions
  • LCD TVs
  • HD & UHD TVs
  • Smart TVs
  • Plasma Televisions
  • Flat Screen Televisions
  • Rear Projection TVs


When you book a TV haul-away service, mention the television type and model.  The junkremoval provider will let you know whether they can pick it up and dispose of it properly.


Can You Put a TV in The Trash?


While some municipalities allow people to place television units in the trash, most don't and will levy a fine if you do so. It is cheaper and more environmentally-friendly to hire a TV removal provider on JunkRemoval to handle the disposal. Placing the unit in the trash is a sure-fire way to send it to a landfill, causing a lot of pollution.


How Much Does Old TV Disposal Cost?


Some organizations offer to pick up old TVs for free, but you can never be sure whether the unit will be recycled or thrown away. A reliable removal company may charge a small fee to pick and recycle the unit for you. The average cost is around $80 based on the TV size and type. Hauling multiple units will cost more money, so get a quote from the removal company before hiring them. Compare quotes from two or three appliance removal companies to find a reasonable price and choose curbside pickup to save money. 


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