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Tire Removal

Used tires can pile up over time and occupy a lot of space on your property. These old tires are difficult to discard because most waste disposal services don't accept them. You have to carry the used, old, or damaged tires to a local disposal site or dumping ground to get rid of them. Hiring professional tire removal services is a much better alternative because experts handle the tire disposal for you. 

How Should You Dispose Of Used Tires?

There are many ways to dispose of old & used tires that are sitting on your property. Don't place them on the curbside or even burn them in the backyard because that pollutes the air. Here's a look at what you can do:


·       Recycling Facility – You can transport the used tires to the nearest recycling facility. Look for establishments that specialize in old and used tires or similar products because they will know the right techniques.

·      Retailers and Tire Shops – Retailers, tire shops, and garages will sometimes accept used tires for a small fee. They have ties with professional junk removal companies and will make sure the items are disposed of properly.

·      Junk Removal Services – Junk Removal services are the best way to get rid of tires because you don't need to do much. The tire removal services will handle everything from pickup to recycling. Most establishments that you will find on the JunkRemoval are licensed and certified professionals so you can trust their services.


If you don’t have much time off your hands but still want to clear rubbish from your property, hire a junk removal service. 

Used Tire Removal Process 

Different companies handle used tire removal differently, so it is best to contact the service provider in person for more information. However, most companies follow the process mentioned below:


·       Call and Consultation – Clients can get in touch with a junk removal establishment and request a tire disposal service. The customer care executive will ask questions about the number, size, and type of tires so they can make the proper arrangements. They will also provide a detailed quote on the related expenses.

·       Pick-Up – Trained removal experts will be at your location at the scheduled time for pickup. They arrive in a transport truck and bring hauling equipment with them if necessary. The service provider will provide more accurate details about the costs involved after seeing the tires. You can proceed with the service, negotiate the price, or deny the service at this point.

·         Clean-Up – Once the tires are stored inside the truck, a team will clean the site, so it is ready for use. There's no need to clean anything yourself. Most service providers do this to lighten the load on their clients.

·         Disposing of the Tires – Tire removal service providers collaborate with local recycling centers and follow the government guidelines regarding the disposal of tires. The material is recycled or reused as much as possible. Some removal companies also offer junk donations as a way to get rid of tires.


As you can see, tire disposal requires minimal effort if you hire professionals to handle the job. Just take the time to hire a trustworthy service provider from a reliable website like JunkRemoval. It is easy to find licensed, insured, and experienced removal companies on our platform. 

Why Should You Hire Tire Removal Services?

It may be cheaper to transport the tires yourself and more straightforward to burn them, but these aren't the best options. Here's a look at why you should hire used tire removal services instead of wasting time on DIY solutions:


·     Less Time-Consuming – It barely takes any time to arrange for a pickup and supervise it. There’s no need to waste an entire Sunday trying to get rid of old or used tires from your property.

·    Safer – Even ordinary car tires can be heavy, and truck or tractor tires are even more so. It is safer to let professionals handle the task because they are trained to handle these bulky items. They use the right tools and techniques to load the tires and remove them safely.  

·   Environmental Impact – Reputable removal companies will recycle or reuse tires instead of just dumping them in the nearest landfill or burning them. It is crucial to make sure all tire and rubber removal is handled according to the local laws.


Approximately 300 million tires are scrapped every year in the US, and that's a lot of waste. A junk removal company will help limit the number of tires that end up in a landfill. 

What Kind of Tires Do These Used Tire Removers Take?

Most used tire removal companies have the facility to collect and dispose of tires of all sizes. It is still a good idea to call them to confirm and ask them for the costs involved in the process. Here's a list of items that these removal companies will collect: 


  • Car Tires
  • Truck Tires
  • Bicycle Tires
  • Passenger Vehicle Tires (Buses, Vans, and other such vehicles)
  • Motorcycle Tires
  • Heavy-Duty Tires
  • Heavy Machinery Tires (Tractors and Large Earth Moving Vehicles)
  • Sports Vehicle Tires
  • All-Season and Touring Tires
  • Rubber Parts
  • ATV Tires
  • Rim and Wheels


Some of the products mentioned above are heavy and difficult to move, so hiring a professional team is the best solution.

Are Tires Recyclable? 

Tires are 100% recyclable. Every component from the rubber to wheel rims can be recycled effectively, which is why it is essential to hire a professional junk removal company to handle the job. They know how to dispose of such items without adding to environmental pollution. Here's a look at the tire recycling process:


·         Taking It Apart – Experts first take the tire apart and separate the components like hard rubber, soft rubber, metal, etc.

·       Recycling Different Components – Different materials retrieved from the tire go through different recycling processes. For example, rubber is recycled by facilities that specialize in that material while metal is recycled in some other facility. 

·       Reuse – Trustworthy removal companies reuse the rubber as much as possible. The materials can be used in construction, playgrounds, athletic tracks, schools, and other such establishments. Some scrap is used as a fuel supplement in industries like pulp and cement manufacturing.  


Recycling is the best way to get rid of tires without causing any harm. If you want to know more, you can contact the nearest recycling center or car junk removal company for more information.

Laws Regarding Used and Old Tire Removal 

The United States government allows people to cut up tires and bury them in landfills. They permit this because cut-up tires take up less space, which means there's more room for other junk. Different states have different requirements when it comes to tire disposal, so it is good to consult with local authorities first. However, recycling is always a better alternative to burying the tires in a landfill. Most towns and cities have recycling centers or junk removal companies that can help.


Contact a platform like us at JunkRemoval if you want to know more about tire removal services. We provide access to a network of reliable and certified removal companies so you can quickly clear all the junk from your property.

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